Free table/grid JavaScript library.
Supports pure JS, React and Knockout.

Out-of-the-box filtering and sorting
To start filtering data, hover over the column heading and click the filter icon. In order to sort table column simply click on the column header. Subsequent click reverses the sort order.
Viewing data without pagination is much more convenient and does not require switching pages and all that.
Infinite scrolling
Out-of-the-box columns summary
To get column summary click on the sum icon in a table header: summary row will appear in the table footer. Then select summary type for the certain column. Supported count, average, min, max and other functions.
Allows to modify data via inplace editing, create and delete rows without leaving the context table.
Inplace editing
Shows data in table (grid) form
Table is a conviniet tool to visualize your data.
Sever-side data provider
Fill the table with data from various sources that come to your mind.
Works with any datasets
Table4JS ready for large datatests: array and remote. Only visible data are loaded and shown on the screen. Other data will be lazy loaded as you will scroll table content to them.
Out-of-the-box functions
You can search, filtering and order to sort data in your table without using additional libraries and scripts.

Table4JS Packages

Get libraries from NPM registry:

npm i table4react table4react npm page
npm i table4ko table4ko npm page
npm i table4js table4js npm page
For a ten years we have been developing web applications: managerial accounting, document management systems, technical references documentation management systems and so on. We were developing web applications with many table views and forms. We used 3rd party libraries to show data as table/grid and finally we decided to create our own table based on our experience of real life web applications readydevelopment. We decided to share our experience with you and will be glad if it help you.

Sincerily yours,
Table4JS Team

The features you need, automatically

Framework support

We provide client-side components for React, Knockout, JS and TypeScript.

Ready for TS projects

TypeScript ready, .d.ts files are generated for all packages.


Securely embed through the provided APIs and libraries, ensuring that your data remains yours alone!

Lots of features

Use the built-in table functions such as sorting, filtering, searching, totals, etc. without using additional libraries and scripts and create your own functions for convenient work with the table.
We create our products with love and care, we will be glad if it helps in your projects. If you like our product, you can help financially or star our repository on GitHub. If you do not have enough functionality please feel free to create an issue on GitHub.

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We are ready to answer your questions!

Yes, Table4JS is a free open source JavaScript library under the MIT license.

Choose your library and just follow the gettings started instructions. You can find live examples for each feature on our site.

Please create an issue in our GitHub repository.

You can customize colors via CSS variables. Here the live example.

Please create an issue in our GitHub repository.

Via question/bug private issues. A person wich has a license, ask us a question or report a bug at the support site. Our team will answer a question or fix a bug.

Our support service provided per developer. You need support subscriptions for every developer that want to get assistance during work with our products

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Table4JS - free table/grid JavaScript library for your project. Supports pure JS, React and Knockout and distributed under the MIT license.

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