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table4js-components - v0.2.14

Table4JS Widget Model Classes and Objects

It is JavaScript (TypeScript) Table/Grid library.

Almost all code ralated to the Table4JS widget core functionality is cross-framework and used as a model for platform-specific rendering. You need to create widget model and set it properties or subscribe events to control table widget behavior.

Created table widget model is passed as a parameter to the presentation layer (React, Knockout). Presentation layer contains framework-specific rendering code and controlled by model objects.

Please select class in the right navigation panel to explore properties and methods of a corresponding model class.

Getting started with Table4JS

Pure JS - non-modular web application

Add the following scripts to HEAD part of your HTML file

<script src="https://unpkg.com/table4js"></script>
<link href="https://unpkg.com/table4js/table4.css" rel="stylesheet">

Add the following markup to BODY part of your HTML file - where you want to see a table

<div id="table-container" style="height: calc(100vh - 16px);"></div>

Add the following script to make it work

var options = {
enableSearch: true,
enableSummary: true,
columns: [
name: "word",
title: "Word"
name: "num",
title: "Number",
type: "number"
name: "text",
title: "Text",

var model = new Table4JS.Table(options);

var sampleData = [
{ word: "here ", num: 5, text: "O gentlemen, there is no need for you to confess your happiness, no one requires you to confess - who does not know your modesty!" },
{ word: "there ", num: 24, text: "Their bearing, although they were not completely calm, with its ease, full of dignity and humility at the same time, aroused admiration" },
{ word: "there ", num: 18, text: "I'm to blame, I'm to blame, because I choose my own people." }
model.data = sampleData;


Here is the table4js live example with the above code


Please check table4react package readme file


Please check table4knockout package readme file

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