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Parameters for customizing the table view.


  • ITableConfig



actions?: IAction[]

Actions to display in the table actions panel

allowRowSelection?: boolean

Allows row selection

Description of columns

editMode?: "inplace" | "row" | "aside"

Allows edit data

enableEdit?: boolean

Allows edit data

enableFilter?: boolean

Allows filtering data by columns

enableMergedCells?: boolean

The primary value of the parameter for merging cells

enableMergedCellsToggle?: boolean

Allows display merged cells toggle

enableSearch?: boolean

Allows display the search bar

enableSummary?: boolean

Allows display summary panel

keyColumn?: string

The key field of the table. Needed to edit the table.

plugins?: ITablePlugin[]

Table plugins array

selectCellColor?: string

Setting the color for selected cells in case the selection is set using an attached boolean column. The color is set according to the rules of CSS.

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